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Driving change through EV Charging Ecosystem

We are driving the industry forward through innovation, top-notch equipment, and a wide network of public charging stations. We continue to progress in the EV infrastructure with a contemporary & diverse product line to make electric vehicle charging accessible to everyone.


Safe and easy-to-use smart EV wall box charging solutions for home.


Smart universal socket for public EV charging with multi gun options.


Sustainable EV charging solutions for large fleets with low carbon footprint.

Commercial Parking

Fast EV charging solutions for hi-value long-term recurring users.

Bus Depot

Convenient EV charging solutions for large-scale public transportation.


Customized EV charging solutions for large-scale companies and more.

We aim at becoming global leaders in smart energy technology for the future


To reduce the pollution and improve the living conditions by creating integrated sustainable urban transportation and energy solutions by reducing the overall carbon footprint caused by non-renewable sources of energy like petroleum, diesel and coal.


To develop efficient and affordable EV Charging Solutions that are globally compliant and intelligent for the needs of today and tomorrow; and create value for customers, vendors, employees, and shareholders.


Let’s grow your business, together!

We strictly follow the government compliance and standardization of EV Charging solutions for various categories of vehicles like 2-wheelers, 3-wheelers, and 4-wheelers. We’re working towards creating a new charging ecosystem that gives businesses and individuals the power and flexibility to use the energy from nature wisely.

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We offer EV charging solutions to Indian and foreign customers of car companies, dealers, distributors, builders, and more.

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