Atom AC Destination Charging


Our Atom AC Destination Charger is the perfect solution for multiple vehicles charging in commercial spaces. It provides the users with a safe & fast charging experience and comes with a 7 inch FHD Touch Display and a Simple User Interface. The ergonomic design ensures a seamless experience for multiple users.

  • Compact Design
  • Multi Gun Feature  
  • Digital User Interface
  • High Quality



Key Features

Our Atom AC charger is a smart EV charging solution for multiple vehicles charging in commercial spaces.
This charger can easily be used with a Smart Card Reader and App-based Payment gateway.

This charger comes with a Suitable Pole Mount And Wall Mount Option and a High-Quality Enclosure with IP54. Atom AC Charger supports 3 different charging protocols, i.e. it supports
Bharath AC001, J1772, and Type2 AC charging.

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7 inch LCD Display, state-of-the-art
Hardware and IP54 Outdoor


Safety first, with various protection
features built-in for Surge, Ground Fault,
Short Circuit etc.
Meets Indian & International Charging
Standards. IEC 61851 and OCPP 1.6J.

Payment Gateway

Hassle-free authentication using RFID &
Mobile App. Secure payment options
including UPI, Debit/Credit cards.

Charging Simplified! 

Our Atom AC Box charger is super easy-to-use and extremely user-friendly. It is based on the latest technology to support simultaneous multiple EV Charging in large and commercial spaces. The universal design ensures charging for all personal and commercial vehicles. This charger comes with a display and will fast charge your vehicles compared to other AC Chargers.

This product is thoughtfully designed to suit the rough and tough use of the product by multiple users in large parking spaces, malls, bus depots, big offices, and more and comes with safe payment gateway options.

Homes & Villas



IT Parks & Office Buildings



Technical Specification

Product Information

Input/output power rating and current

Three-phase: Upto 80 kW / 126 A

Socket outlet or connector type

2 Gun: Type 2 IEC-62196 Female Plug, 
with 5 m cable


Surge protection, Short circuit protection
Overload protection, AC overvoltage protection, under-voltage protection, and Leakage protection.

Input/ouput voltage

Three-phase: 380 to 450 V nominal, 50 Hz

Energy metering

Class 1

User Interface


Ethernet, Option for 4G, Wifi

User authentification

Mobile App or RFID Card

Status indication


User interface

LCD 4.3 or 7 inch


Control and configuration

OCPP 1.6J (Optional)

Payment gateway


User Interface

IP rating


Operating temperature range

-20 to 55 °C


W x H x D (400 x 1680 x 250 mm)

Storage temperature range

-30 to 70 °C


Wall or floor using a pedestal

Certification And Standards

Codes and standards

IS 17017-1
AIS-138 Part1
IEC 61851-1
IEC 62196-2

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